Kings Baby Education & Day Care opens its doors in Autumn 2020. For babies as young as 16 weeks offering full day care, morning and afternoon sessions.

The room is designed to provide a calming atmosphere with lots of natural light where babies can thrive with warm supported relationships and experience a range of new and stimulating resources and activities. Sleep, emotional and physical nurturing, and sensory stimulation all plays an important part in the development of young babies.

The room is set up for babies to explore and self-select a range of different stimulating activities. Including messy play, heuristic play, hand and eye coordination activities, sensory and tactile activities, small world activities, a soft play area and group singing and story sessions.

We have developed a black and white area for our youngest babies as research has shown that high-contrasting colours, particularly black and white, are a simple way to stimulate a baby’s senses and help develop neural connections in their brains.

The cleanliness of our Baby Room is apparent throughout; our staff take pride in maintaining a clean and safe environment. We also take great care and are committed to resourcing all of the areas our babies access with high quality furniture and resources.

Quiet, snuggly areas and our peaceful sleep room allows our babies to get their golden rest time after hours of fun and play without being disturbed. Each baby will be provided with their own cot and sheet.

We have our own secure garden area which they can access throughout the day where we can take learning outside and they can benefit from the importance of fresh air. The Baby Room has a separate changing facility and kitchen area to cater for all your babies needs.